SSM offers brand relationships with companies that are relevant and interested in sponsoring school sports programs.

School Sports Media was launched in 2010 by advertising sales veterans. Owners of a leading advertising representation firm Winstar Interactive Media, the School Sports Media team has spent the better part of the past 20 years working closely with top brands.

Parents of growing young children the SSM team like many parents are increasingly experiencing school budget concerns in their local communities. Across the country schools are faced with difficult decisions surrounding the need to cut programs and activities to meet shrinking budgets. The rising cost of supporting school athletic teams almost always is considered for these cuts. School Sports Media was developed and launched to deliver a solution for these concerns.

The SSM team has been selling and managing cross platform media sponsorships for over 20 years. The team is well versed in sales, service and fulfillment of all kinds of media sponsorships.

SSM can monetize the following through national
brand sponsors…

  • On-field banners

  • Scoreboards Entrance Signs

  • Publications/Collateral

  • Website/broadcast/radio

  • Uniform Logo’s

  • Custom Programming


  • A no-cost to the school district solution

  • A turn-key school sports sponsorship program for your district

  • A compliment to your local booster program

The School Sports Media Program is the fastest route to getting your school district sponsorship inventory into the hands of the largest brands in the United States.

Lets get started today. Please click the button below and complete our short questionnaire. We will contact you within 3 business days.

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