New York, NY – April 27, 2015– Gen Media Partners has announced its newest partnership with School Sports Media, a national school representation firm that delivers hyperlocal community-based marketing solutions with cause-related benefits, hypertargeting mobile capabilities, and robust customization abilities. The deal brings another dimension of multi-platform marketing to Gen Media Partners’ expanding resources.

“High school sports are embedded in the culture of America and ignite strong passion in local communities across the country,” stated Kevin Garrity, Chief Executive Officer, Gen Media Partners. “The synergies with radio allow us to create unique local and regional advertising packages and draw revenue from promotional budgets that are earmarked for local sports marketing. Our alliance with Schools Sports Media enriches the multi-level Gen Media national/regional/local approach to ad sales representation and gives us another opportunity to introduce radio to new advertisers that have not used the medium previously.”

School Sports Media creates customized brand engagement opportunities at high school and collegiate games, concerts, graduations, and other events. Its highly advanced location-based mobile technology – the same used by Ford, Sprint, and AT&T – can target within 100 yards to deliver a message during a game or drive in-store traffic after one. On-field signage, player books, game programs and digital tie-ins with schools’ websites, social media, and email marketing create a full 360-degree brand integration experience. Brand image and loyalty are boosted because Sports School Media delivers sixty-five percent of every sponsorship dollar directly to the school, enhancing the brand’s connection with the passion of school sports’ fans.

“We are committed to keeping kids playing sports in schools and delivering community marketing that matters to each of our brand partners,” said Dave Shamberger, President and Founding Partner, School Sports Media. “Aligning ourselves with Gen Med Partners will allow us to better serve schools across the entire country, while also expanding our local media platform capabilities.”

About Gen Media Partners:
Gen Media Partners is an integrated sales and marketing company that connects consumers with advertisers’ brands by leveraging the benefits of the media assets it represents, individually or as part of a multi-platform campaign, across national, regional, and local levels.

Gen Media Partners steers the operations of McGavren Guild Media, Local Focus, HRN Media Network, MG Malls, and more. The combined resources of McGavren Guild Media and Local Focus make Gen Media Partners the largest Independent radio representation firm in the U.S., offering advertisers and their agencies a platform of more than 1000 Radio Stations in 330 Markets and 98 percent coverage across the country.

With a full suite of cross-media assets, including radio, outdoor, malls, audio, digital, social, experiential, and events, Gen Media Partners breaks through traditional media boundaries and empowers its sales and marketing experts to develop campaigns that drive ROI for advertisers and agencies and deliver revenue to its radio station clients. This new multi-level model for media sales representation is The Gen Media Approach.

About School Sports Media

School Sports Media is in the business of connecting the dots between brand marketing objectives and school athletic programs. Offering custom marketing solutions utilizing the various assets available through high school and collegiate athletic programs.

Using the most advanced technologies in hyper local mobile advertising to compliment a community marketing platform through schools delivers a unique and effective multimedia approach for local, regional and national businesses.

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Renee Cassis

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