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Funding For School Budgets Is Not What It Once Was

Uncovering New Innovative Ways To Fund School Sports Is Critical

School Budget Concerns Are In Everyone’s Backyard

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“At least 35 states provided less funding per student for the 2013-14 school year than they did before the recession hit.”

“Cuts at the state level mean that local school districts have to either scale back the educational services they provide, raise more local tax revenue to cover the gap, or both.”


“Spending on K-12 education, will decline from $43 billion in 2013 to $38 billion in 2024.”

“School sports and extracurricular activities are considered the best value for a school’s budget because they engage up to 70% of all students yet they account for only 1-3% of the budget.”

“Student-athletes matriculate into college at a higher rate than non-athletes.”

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“A Minnesota High School Athletic Association study found that student-athletes have a higher grade point average, at 2.84, than non-athletes at 2.68 and miss fewer days of school.”